FAQ: It Is Fast Free & Easy, Since 1983

First, register on our website or call one our leasing agents. We will provide you a number of apartments from our data base that reflects the information you provide. Then, visit the apartments and list ABC Apartment Locators™ as your apartment referral locator on the guest card, lease application and lease. Once you’ve secured your new apartment, contact us immediately.

Q. Is ABC Apartment Locators™ service totally free?
Yes! There are no hidden costs what-so-ever to you. Our service is totally FREE!!

Q. Will using your service affect my rent?
No! Using our service will not affect your rent in any way. The apartment properties are happy that you found them through our free service. They gladly reimburse us for finding quality tenants like yourself.

Q. What if I find an apartment that is not in your apartment database?
You must have learned about your new apartment from Apartment Locators™. Make sure to ask your agent to make sure of any possibilities.

Q. How can you offer a free service?
We’re paid to advertise the apartment property. As a result, through us, you get a new apartment. And, you’re happy. The apartment complex gets a great tenant. They’re happy. It’s a Win-Win plan for each of us!

And the best part:

We’re Free! And we have the easiest phone number to remember ABC-DEFG (in any DFW area code)

For Dallas, just dial your area code (214 or 972) + ABC-DEFG (222-3334)
Arlington Fort Worth Mid-Cities: (817) 222-3334 — or from any DFW Metro area 469-222-3334

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